11th Hour

20 10 2008

Thursday, October 23rd in the TA ( HCL 8 )

6:00 PM to 7:30 PM – 11th Hour

The 11th Hour is a 2007 feature film documentary, created, produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, on the state of the natural environment. With contributions from over 50 politicians, scientists, and environmental activists, including former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, physicist Stephen Hawking, Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai, and journalist Paul Hawken, the film documents the grave problems facing the planet’s life systems. Global warming, deforestation, mass species extinction, and depletion of the oceans’ habitats are all addressed. The film’s premise is that the future of humanity is in jeopardy.

The film proposes potential solutions to these problems by calling for restorative action by the reshaping and rethinking of global human activity through technology, social responsibility and conservation. Scientists and environmental advocates such as David Orr, David Suzuki, Paul Stamets, and Gloria Flora paint a portrait for a radically new and different future in which it is not humanity’s intent to dominate the planet’s life systems, but to mimic and coexist with them.


The Century of the Self: The Engineering of Consent

17 11 2007


Wednesday, November 21st in the TA ( HCL 8 )

5 PM and 6 PM – The Century of the Self: The Engineering of Consent (60 min)

The beginning briefly recaps the previous episode so don’t worry if you missed the first part!

Description: The Engineering of Consent

The programme explores how those in power in post-war America used Freud’s ideas about the unconscious mind to try and control the masses.

Politicians and planners came to believe Freud’s underlying premise – that deep within all human beings were dangerous and irrational desires and fears. They were convinced that it was the unleashing of these instincts that had led to the barbarism of Nazi Germany. To stop it ever happening again they set out to find ways to control this hidden enemy within the human mind.

Sigmund Freud’s daughter, Anna, and his nephew, Edward Bernays, provided the centrepiece philosophy. The US government, big business, and the CIA used their ideas to develop techniques to manage and control the minds of the American people. But this was not a cynical exercise in manipulation. Those in power believed that the only way to make democracy work and create a stable society was to repress the savage barbarism that lurked just under the surface of normal American life.

Future by Design

29 09 2007


Wednesday, October 3rd in the TA

5 PM- Future by Design: (88 Min)

‘Future by Design’ presents ninety year old futurist, Jacque Fresco, who has spent his whole life designing the future. A technologist, an inventor, an industrial designer, an artist — peer to Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller – Jacque is a fascinating character, lively and engaging. This documentary presents not only Jacque Fresco’s decades of work, but captures his vibrancy, enthusiasm and curiosity, all of which continue to inform his optimism for the future of humanity as a whole. This modern-day Da Vinci has a practical vision for the future – where we all are true equals, collaborating peacefully for the betterment of everyone. Helmed by Academy Award-nominated director William Gazecki.

Jacque Fresco lives in Venus, Florida. His optimistic view and desire to create solutions that maximally benefit the greatest number of people stem from his formative years during the Great Depression. To this day he writes and lectures extensively on subjects ranging from the holistic design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation, focusing on the benefits it will bring to society.

Czech Dream and Surplus

21 04 2007


Tuesday April 24th in HCL 4

8:00 PM – CZECH DREAM: A Supermarket for a better life!

This film documents the largest consumer hoax a country has ever seen. Two young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist.

The campaign (designed by a renowned advertising agency) involved television and radio spots, 400 illuminated billboards, 200,000 flyers promoting CZECH DREAM brand products, an advertising song, a website, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

The marketing campaign drew over 4,000 people who turned up on the ‘opening day’. On the 31st of May 2003, they arrived at a green field where, instead of a supermarket, they found just the dream supermarket’s façade (10m high and 100m wide).

9:40 PM – SURPLUS: Terrorized Into Being Consumers

This documentary is an intense visual odyssey filmed in the US, India, China, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Canada and Cuba over three years. From the explosive riot days in Genoa 2001 to $7000 sex dolls in the US, SURPLUS explores the destructive nature of consumer culture. Breathtaking cinematography turns the notion that 20% of the world is gobbling up 80% of its resources from pure statistics into an overwhelming emotional experience. Surplus is the result of a complicated editing process by talented music composer/editor/percussionist Johan Söderberg.

The world was shocked when young protesters in Seattle, Genoa and Gothenburg attacked shop windows, cars and banks. SURPLUS sets off on a world journey seeking the answer to the question: why is the lifestyle of consumerism a source of such rage today?

Pickaxe and Breaking The Spell

3 04 2007

Tuesday April 3rd in HCL 4 

8:00 PM – Pickaxe

Activists take a stand to protect an old growth forest from logging at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon. The blockades that the activists built to block loggers begins to develop into a community known as Cascadia Free State. This film was shot by the activists themselves.

9:45 PM – Breaking The Spell

A film about the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. Filmed in the thick of the action, it has been called ‘protest porn’. It includes footage that aired nationally on 60 Minutes.