Czech Dream and Surplus

21 04 2007


Tuesday April 24th in HCL 4

8:00 PM – CZECH DREAM: A Supermarket for a better life!

This film documents the largest consumer hoax a country has ever seen. Two young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist.

The campaign (designed by a renowned advertising agency) involved television and radio spots, 400 illuminated billboards, 200,000 flyers promoting CZECH DREAM brand products, an advertising song, a website, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

The marketing campaign drew over 4,000 people who turned up on the ‘opening day’. On the 31st of May 2003, they arrived at a green field where, instead of a supermarket, they found just the dream supermarket’s façade (10m high and 100m wide).

9:40 PM – SURPLUS: Terrorized Into Being Consumers

This documentary is an intense visual odyssey filmed in the US, India, China, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Canada and Cuba over three years. From the explosive riot days in Genoa 2001 to $7000 sex dolls in the US, SURPLUS explores the destructive nature of consumer culture. Breathtaking cinematography turns the notion that 20% of the world is gobbling up 80% of its resources from pure statistics into an overwhelming emotional experience. Surplus is the result of a complicated editing process by talented music composer/editor/percussionist Johan Söderberg.

The world was shocked when young protesters in Seattle, Genoa and Gothenburg attacked shop windows, cars and banks. SURPLUS sets off on a world journey seeking the answer to the question: why is the lifestyle of consumerism a source of such rage today?


Marketing and Those Who Resist

3 03 2007

Sale Ends

Tuesday, March 6th in HCL 4

8:00 PM- PBS Frontline: The Persuaders

In “The Persuaders,” FRONTLINE explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them. This documentary draws on a range of experts and observers of the advertising/marketing world, to examine how, in the words of one on-camera commentator, “the principal of democracy yields to the practice of demography,” as highly customized messages are delivered to a smaller segment of the market.

9: 30 PM- Culture Jam

Hijacking Commercial Culture delivers a fascinating rap on the 20th Century movement called Culture Jamming. Pranksters and subversive artists are causing a bit of brand damage to corporate mindshare. Jammers, cultural commentators, a billboard advertiser and a constitutional lawyer take us on a wild roller coaster ride through the back streets of our mental environment. Stopping over in San Francisco, New York’s Times Square, and Toronto, we catch the jamming in action with Batman-inspired Jack Napier of the Billboard Liberation Front, Disney arch-enemy Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping and Media Tigress Carly Stasko. Culture Jam asks: Is Culture Jamming civil disobedience? Senseless vandalism? The only form of self defense left?