Sneak Peak Psychology Video Night

7 04 2007

Tuesday, April 10th in HCL 4

Next semester I will begin a weekly video night featuring recorded psychotherapy sessions for psychology students. I need your support to obtain funding so please come!

8:30 PM – Feminist Therapy

In Feminist Therapy, Dr. Laura S. Brown demonstrates this integrative approach to psychotherapy. Feminist therapy may superficially resemble other forms of psychotherapy, but the therapy’s basis in feminist political analysis and scholarship on the psychology of women and gender make this a unique and valuable approach for both female and male clients. In this session, Dr. Brown works with a woman recently convicted of narcotics charges. She helps the client to discern how past experiences have shaped her current negative self-narrative.

9:45 PM – Process Experiential Psychotherapy

In Process Experiential Psychotherapy: An Emotion-Focused Approach, Dr. Leslie S. Greenberg demonstrates this deeply empathic, emotion-focused approach to treatment. In process experiential psychotherapy, the therapist works to guide the client’s affective and cognitive processing of experience through the use of appropriate active interventions that facilitate the resolution of painful emotions. In this session, Dr. Greenberg works with a 34-year-old man who is depressed. Using empathy and in-session activities, they explore the sources of the client’s current affective state.




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